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Our Brewery

Clutch Brewing Company is dedicated to community, artistic collaboration, and craft beer of a slightly different ilk. Nestled on the mezzanine of the Keg & Case Market in the historic Schmidt Brewery complex, we share the re-imagined and revitalized keg house with other Saint Paul entrepreneurs dedicated to their craft.

We offer a unique selection of ales in a one of a kind space that boasts a tap lounge for comfortable social interactions, a mini museum dedicated to the history of one of Minnesota’s most iconic brewing landmarks, and a spectacular aerial view of the market below.

Clutch Brewing Company was hand built by the owners/brewers, and you can tell the same passion goes into every brew.



(651) 340-2523



928 7th St W #201
St Paul, MN 55102



Fri 3–12am
Sat 12–12am
Sun 12–10pm


On Tap

Outta’ Style

Cream Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5% / SRM: 5 / IBU: 36

A combination of barley, rice, maize, and oats provide a unique backdrop for the showcase of Cascade hops. This hybrid beer combines the grain bill of a cream ale and the hop bill of a pale ale. The result is a slight sweetness and lightly creamy mouthfeel to balance the citrusy grapefruit character of cascade hops.

Sweet Jane

Milk Stout
ABV: 5.5% / SRM: 47 / IBU: 25

A full bodied Milk Stout that is smooth, flavorful, and ridiculously easy to drink. With just enough roast and coffee notes to help balance the sweetness of milk sugar, this award winner will make you yearn for another glass.

Straight 8

American Mosaic IPA
ABV: 7% / SRM: 9 / IBU: 68

Definitely for the IPA lover at heart. Loads of citrus, pineapple, mango, and stone fruit with a clean bitterness and just enough body to balance. This IPA showcases all Mosaic hops!

Paradiddle Porter

English Porter
ABV: 5% / SRM: 32 / IBU: 26

What happens when half of the staff at a brewery play drums? You name a beer after a drum rudiment of course! Paradiddle Porter is an English Porter featuring slight roast and bittersweet chocolate notes, but light enough in body to make this beer an easy drinking pub ale.

SMATH #2.5

Single Malt, Two Hop Ale (Noble Citra & Nelson Sauvin)

ABV: 6% / SRM: 4 / IBU: 26

This was going to be SMATH #3 in our Smathematics series, but Smath #2 went so quickly we just couldn’t bare to see it leave the line up so soon. Meet SMATH #2.5! The Smathematics series is our take on SMASH beers, except instead of using one hop paired with a single malt, we use two. This SMATH features Nelson Sauvin and Noble Citra hops. Noble Citra is very low in Alpha Acid which is the result of a proprietary process to debitter the cone. Noble Citra has a very subtle citrus note with a more herbal backbone. Paired with Nelson Sauvin, this beer is light, spritsy, and refreshing.

Exhaustdead Smoked Black IPA

ABV: 7.5% / SRM: 31 / IBU: 57

This distinct IPA has a hint of smoke over a roasty malt backbone, providing a slight dryness that compliments the herbal bitterness of Columbus hops. This one will remind you of bonfires and bacon, while making you forget about the horrifying bacon bonfire of ‘75. And yes, that is a fictitious and delicious event.


We will fill any CLEAN 64 oz or 32 oz growler. Growlers are filled at the bar and are purged with Co2 but it is recommended that you enjoy your growler within 7 days of fill. We reserve the right to refuse any growler we feel is not clean or cleaned properly. We sell Clutch Brewing Company growlers if you don’t have your own.

Tips for cleaning growlers

  1. Rinse with warm water immediately after emptying

  2. Use a mix of dish soap and water to clean inside

  3. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry

  4. Do NOT use bleach or any other strong chemical cleaning agents (Come on, no one likes that smell in their beer)

  5. Soak growler in a mix of dish soap and water to break up any stubborn film if not rinsed right after enjoying the delicious beer within, and use a bottle brush to scrub clean, rinse, and admire the beautifully clean fruits of your labor

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